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White Paper

Integrating permanent magnet demagnetization in simulation for more accurate prediction of electric vehicles performance

High stress on modern electrical machines, the need for compact powertrain structure and high performance requirements are driving increased usage of permanent magnets. An important consideration in electrical machine design is the demagnetization of these magnets due to high currents and temperatures. Taking those demagnetization phenomena into account is crucial to properly size the motors and related systems. To support the engineering of electric traction, simulation methodologies are implemented, and when it comes to e-motors, the simulation accuracy is dependent on realistic material models that reproduce the expected magnetic behavior.

This paper describes the use of an advanced material model for incorporating the demagnetization of permanent magnets and also discusses its effect on the overall performance of an electric motor used for electric vehicle application.

Thank you for downloading our whitepaper on Effects of Incorporating Permanent Magnet Demagnetization in the Simulations of Modern Electric Machines for Electric Vehicles