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Part 1: Next generation IC packaging requires next generation design solution

This is the first paper in a four-paper series that discusses why the latest emerging advanced IC packaging technologies require a new approach to the entire design flow — all the way from early assembly planning and prototyping through to design creation, verification, validation, signoff, and test. These papers introduce the concept of a digital twin: a digital virtual model of the complete package design that enables cross-domain collaborative design at every design stage.

Advanced packages bring new challenges

For many applications, next generation IC packaging is the best path to achieve silicon scaling, functional density, reduced overall package size, and heterogeneous integration. It is also very different from traditional flipchip organic BGA packaging and, as such, needs a very different approach for design and verification at all levels, starting with the use of a digital twin virtual prototype model that drives all aspects of design and verification, even if different design tools are used.

The second paper in this series, part 2, focuses on the multi-domain and cross-domain integration that the digital twin methodology enables.

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