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Digital Twin Manufacturing: The Next Generation of Machine Design

Reading time: 10 minutes

The fundamental changes in the machinery market are driving machine builders to address and manage higher levels of complexity.

To thrive in such a challenging environment, you need the right tools, and you need to know how to use them consistently for your long-term success.

Discover how Advanced Machine Engineering takes advantage of the digital twin for manufacturing to benefit your organization.

Read the latest white paper from CIMdata, which outlines the critical characteristics driving the future of machine design.

Designing for Your Customers: The Benefits of Advanced Machine Design Software

Customer requirements constantly evolve, so they can stay competitive and keep pace with the market.

Additionally, machine builders must continuously factor in global regulations and compliance into their machines to ensure safety and sustainability.

All this information needs a common location where it can be stored to help drive schedules and timetables.

With an Advanced Machine Engineering solution, engineers can sift through this complexity, readily reconfigure custom industrial machinery to meet updated customer expectations, create dashboards to follow real-time progress on projects, and ultimately, deliver perfect projects to market faster than ever.

Custom Industrial Machinery Development: Achieving Success with Advanced Machine Engineering Solutions

Ask any engineer about the problems they face and you’ll be met with a resounding answer of “silos.”

Disparate technological systems inhibit collaboration between departments, leading to project mishaps and order delays.

Next-generation machine design software mitigates these issues by providing an open architectural environment, where Computer Aided Design (CAD), Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM), Computer Aided Engineering (CAE), and other software systems can integrate and speak with one another.

This fundamental first step is pivotal to driving collaboration, leading to increased efficiency and speed within all your processes.

Mastering Complex Systems with Advanced Machine Engineering

Machine builders can improve efficiency even further by digitally transforming traditional processes.

Specifically, physical machine commissioning is no longer enough to keep up with market players – virtual commissioning is fundamental to expediting the creation of machines.

Through virtual commissioning, machine simulations can be produced and tested to understand how a machine would operate under real-world factory conditions.

In turn, machine errors and flaws can be caught sooner and mediated more easily, without the high price tag of altering a machine’s hardware.

Discover the full power of Advanced Machine Engineering by downloading the CIMData whitepaper, so you can begin creating the machines of tomorrow, today.