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Optimizing and managing PCB production with dynamic scheduling

Market demand for a high mix of products, low volumes, low costs and fast delivery often leave manufacturers feeling that they have no choice but to invest in new production machines. That isn’t always the case. Before investing in costly new equipment, it’s important for manufacturers to evaluate whether they can better utilize their existing production infrastructure to improve yield.

Our new white paper explains how dynamic scheduling can improve line planning and capacity management, and with that, lead to better product quality, reliability and stability without major investment in new equipment.

Go beyond a spreadsheet for dynamic scheduling and effective line planning

With the complexity of today’s manufacturing environment, a spreadsheet isn’t enough for effective capacity management and assembly line balancing. A scheduling solution for electronics manufacturing is critical to improve resource use, reduce changeover times, and remove unnecessary, manual error-prone processes.

Read this whitepaper to learn about the four steps that can help electronics manufacturers significantly improve production yields using their existing infrastructure resources.