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OMNIVISION uses PowerPro to automatically optimize power at the register-transfer level

Reading time: 11 minutes
OMNIVISION develops image sensors, liquid crystal on silicon (LCOS) displays and application-specific integrated circuits (ASIC). This paper describes OMNIVISION’s use case of Siemens Digital Industries Software PowerPro™ and its observability-based sequential optimization (OBS) feature. OMNIVISION used the software to optimize the original design of one of its semiconductor products and reduce chip power from 123 mW to 117 mW, and from 259 mW to 239 mW, without changing the chip’s architecture.

OMNIVISION lowers chip's power consumption with PowerPro

In May 2020, OMNIVISION was focused on developing a lower power product than competing systems. But to accomplish this, the project required OMNIVISION to reduce its chip’s overall power consumption by three percent within two days while still maintaining the chip design’s original architecture. To overcome these challenges, OMNIVISION used PowerPro to reduce the chip’s power consumption from 259 mW to 239 mW, and accomplished it in only 28 minutes of PowerPro runtime.