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Reliably predict burst pressure

Pressure vessel manufacturers are increasingly adopting composite materials, mainly fiber-reinforced plastics (FRPs), for applications in a broad range of industries. For a thermoplastic unidirectional carbon fiber composite tube, numerical simulation can be used to account for microstructural mechanisms and process-induced variations to reliably predict the burst pressure and localized stresses within the composite. Read the latest whitepaper to see the results of two studies and how multiscale simulation can rapidly and accurately model failure.

Finite element simulations

Simulations were performed using the finite element (FE) package Multimech, a fully coupled, two-way multiscale FE solver capable of predicting global structural failure based on microstructural design variables.

Multiscale simulation

Two different studies will report on the analyses of a positively pressurized tube with the aim of evaluating the burst pressure with multiscale simulations using both macro and micro scales in a coupled fashion with the commercial solver Multimech. A multiscale strategy based on FE simulations was applied to avoid oversimplifying analytical modeling of the microstructure.

Download this new whitepaper to learn more about these models and some next steps recommended based on the findings.