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White Paper

Medical device design control solution for complex environments


Medical device product development is a highly integrated and regulated process. Implementation of a requirements tracking solution requires attention to a variety of nuances. When presented with the task of tracking relationships in a large project, the initial software solution of choice tends to be a two-dimensional text system.

Our solution for medical device design control represents a new type of platform designed to model the process relationships and provide a multidimensional, live-linked, relational database. No one wants to continuously update control paperwork. Our solution frees the development engineers to establish relationships once and then move to new tasks.

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Transforming medical device design with Siemens PLM

The goal of this white paper is to discuss what is necessary to implement a requirements management and tracking solution. This paper will explore the broader use of the tool for concept management throughout their lifecycle in a highly efficient and effective manner that is critical to a fast-paced environment.

Our PLM solution is a document creation and management tool used to efficiently author, link and track ideas and concepts. The tool can be used by any company department that works with the management of complex information throughout lifecycles and across cross-functional projects.

Examples of where our PLM solution can transform design:

  • Design and implementation of verification and validation (V&V) testing
  • Quality management systems (compliance with federal registers)
  • Manufacturing processes (compliance with internal company policies)

Read the white paper to learn how to implement our PLM solution to help your team.

Key benefits of Siemens PLM for design control

A concept management system is designed to break documents down into their essential building blocks. These blocks are then connected on the basis of their definition and logical relationships to constitute workflows that can accomplish a given task.

A key capability of the Siemens PLM solution is that it enables the creation of documents as well as the logic behind them. Our solution allows concepts to be stored, tracked and released as a complete document resource. Specific reports and documentation for internal review, as well as external audits, can be generated in real-time to provide accurate status of your projects.

Learn more about the capabilities of our solution in the white paper.