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Five Tips for Large Assembly Performance

Assembly engineering tips for large assembly performance

Whether the assembly you’re working with has 1,000 parts, or 100,000+ parts, this white paper will equip you with five strategies that you can put into practice today to improve assembly performance. You will learn about good habits for modeling and managing CAD assemblies of all sizes.

CAD Techniques for Working with Large Assemblies

Get the most out of your CAD solution when working with large assemblies, with techniques to help you.

What’s inside?

  • Simplify your components

  • Optimize your display

  • Improve your model

  • Take advantage of PDM

Large assembly management technology in Solid Edge

Solid Edge CAD software is integrated with powerful capabilities for managing assemblies of all sizes and maximizing their performance. Solid Edge enables you to create and manage even the largest assemblies, without lags or crashes. Solid Edge helps users create exact representations of components in a complete digital mockup for accurate design and analysis.

Solid Edge helps you quickly detect and fix clash and interference issues, generate assembly instructions, and conduct customer reviews — reducing the need for costly prototypes.