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Machine Building and design's newest approach

Reading time: 28 minutes

Industrial machine builders are adopting Intelligent Performance Engineering (IPE) to keep up with the growing sophistication of today’s machines.

The new methodology combines new design, simulation and testing approaches, enabling machine builders to create a comprehensive digital twin.

Machine building and design software to overcome market challenges

Machine builders are up against a number of challenges, including increased customer demand for personalization and global competition.

To stay competitive, manufacturers need to be able to differentiate their products, innovate faster and serve customers at a faster pace.

Digitalization can help with this.

Machine simulation with Intelligent Performance Engineering (IPE)

Multiphysics simulation and testing provide a broad range of physics and disciplines in a single location for design engineers.

Instead of multiple experts focusing on a single area in separate silos, every engineer can collaborate more easily and work simultaneously alongside each other to move more quickly.

Collaboration extends beyond the design phase when manufacturers and supplier networks connect data for smarter machines.

Manufacturing Optimization using Intelligent Performance Engineering

Closed-loop validation confirms virtual world simulations with the real-world physical operation.

This expands any understandings of machines beyond the testing and prototype stage and into the customers’ actual operation.

As information from the machine’s usage becomes available, it merges with the verification and analysis data to further optimize any operations of that individual machine or others like it.

Intelligent Performance Engineering combines design and simulation, multiphysics simulation and testing, and closed-loop validation to innovate in a time of rapid change and complexity.