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Technological innovations drive change for machine builders

Reading time: 25 minutes

Machine manufacturers are gaining a competitive advantage by implementing a digital thread approach to engineering which enables the rapid development of tomorrow’s highly complex machines. Technological innovations are rapidly advancing machine engineering processes, driving positive change in the industry.

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Modern industrial machines need to be adaptable to changing consumer trends

People expect to get what they want when they want it. Manufacturers need to ramp up very quickly to rapidly produce sophisticated products while supporting more variants. Advanced machine design is being impacted by this dynamic towards customization and escalating the pace of change. Consequently, machines need to be more adaptable in reacting to changing consumer trends.

Learn how a comprehensive digital twin benefits industrial machinery engineers

As machines become more customized and complex, machine builders create more variants that require a digital twin of each machine built, there needs to be traceability of the machine’s serial number at the point it is released through manufacturing and into service life. Advanced machine engineering innovations, like the digital twin, impact all areas of manufacturing to affect the operations of a plant positively.