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Introducing mPower: Uncompromised power integrity for the whole design, at any scale

Power integrity analysis evaluates circuits to determine if they will provide their designed/intended performance and reliability as implemented. Designers must be able to verify analog and digital power integrity from the RTL/gate-level through die-level integrations up to the package and board system-level. The mPower toolset is an innovative power integrity verification solution that brings analog and digital EM, IR drop, and power analysis together in a complete, scalable solution, enabling high-confidence power analysis tape-outs for all technologies and across all design types.

Integrated power integrity verification solution for analog, digital, and 3D IC

For chip-level power integrity signoff, IC design companies must run full-chip EM/IR analysis to confirm that the power grid can deliver the necessary current to the devices to function as designed, and to ensure that the wires will not fail prematurely due to EM. The mPower toolset provides efficient, easy-to-use power integrity analysis for digital, analog, and 3D IC chip designs across all design flows, at any scale, to verify that the design meets power-related design goals and performance. Analog and digital power analysis can be readily integrated into existing design flows while scaling to circuits and chips of any size. The mPower GUI simplifies invocation, while tight Calibre integration provides full-featured root cause analysis and debugging.