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White Paper

Interactive symmetry checking provides faster, easier symmetry verification for analog and custom IC designs

Device symmetry ensures accurate, efficient performance of analog and custom IC designs. However, traditional physical verification for symmetry is complex and time-consuming. Calibre interactive symmetry checking runs inside the design environment to simplify and enhance IC symmetry verification. Design teams can use Calibre interactive symmetry checking to quickly and accurately analyze layouts with the multiple symmetry checking and debugging solutions of the Calibre nmPlatform. Error markers identify the exact location and cause of violations, enabling fast, accurate, DRC-clean fixes.

1D axis and 2D common centroid device symmetry verification are crucial for ensuring analog and custom IC design performance

Analog and custom IC designs require very precise device symmetry for correct, efficient operation, but traditional symmetry physical verification is time-consuming and tedious. If custom checks are necessary, companies need an expert to write them. The Calibre nmPlatform contains multiple symmetry checking and debugging solutions. Now analog and custom IC design teams can invoke those symmetry checking solutions interactively from inside their design environment with a single click, using the Calibre RealTime interface. Not only do they get fast, accurate symmetry checks for both axis and common centroid symmetry, but the resulting error markers pinpoint the exact location and cause of symmetry violations, making debugging faster, easier, and more accurate too. And, they can ensure all fixes are DRC-clean with a Calibre signoff DRC rule deck.