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White Paper

Accelerating product development with auditable requirements traceability

The automotive industry and customer needs are changing faster than products can be launched into the market. Understanding which requirements are mandatory or aspirational is essential in commercial markets to develop complex vehicles. Another critical risk is understanding how market changes force requirements to change during development. Automotive manufacturers need a solution that makes auditable and traceable requirements available to have the correct information at the right time to make the best decisions.

CIMdata, a global leader in PLM consulting, writes about two topics at the core of accelerating product development: auditable requirements traceability and continuous virtual verification and validation. Download the white paper to learn more.

Use auditable traceability to reduce early physical prototypes

Traceability is the capability to understand how a system and its components satisfy requirements. Seeing requirement relationships and influences easily makes them more comprehensive and auditable, so all product development stakeholders use the same basis even though they approach the challenges from different contexts. Automotive manufacturers can reduce early physical prototypes with simulation by relating requirements with test results enabling repeatable, traceable correlation of virtual to actual performance.

Improve cross-discipline collaboration with auditable traceability

Teams work better collaboratively when they share the same trustworthy requirements data pool. Concurrently examining how a requirement is implemented as the product design evolves is essential to all stakeholders across different disciplines. These requirements activities are best done continually rather than as bookends of the product development process as it has historically been done. Requirements management done continuously is a competitive advantage, improving cross-discipline contextual collaboration and speed time to market.

Implement a comprehensive digital twin to accelerate product development

Digital threads and comprehensive digital twins provide the backbone for effective, auditable requirements traceability. An accurate and comprehensive digital twin can be achieved by examining the data and traceability solution capabilities, ensuring product developers always use the correct set of requirements–even as requirements evolve during development. Siemens’ multi-domain information backbone, which includes all product requirements and constraints, has been designed to connect engineers continuously by providing an accurate digital twin of the vehicle design, manufacturing, and use.

Download the white paper to learn why CIMdata recommends that automakers consider Siemens’ portfolio of solutions to accelerate their product development.