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Realizing Intelligent Manufacturing and Product Support in Aerospace & Defense

Reading time: 25 minutes

Innovation and disruption are everywhere. Although we talk about the “future of engineering” and the “factory of the future,” advanced intelligent manufacturing is available today. More importantly, they point to where manufacturing is headed as we forge into the future. The digital product twin, digital production twin, and virtual performance all link to each other, and provide a closed loop manufacturing process. Read this white paper to learn how Siemens software manages a full lifecycle of Aerospace engineering, concept to production.

Industry 4.0 Aviation: The Benefits of Digital Technology in Design and Manufacturing

Aviation is entering a new era of innovation and disruption. Zero CO2 electric propulsion systems in airplanes, providing green solutions in aviation, enabling urban taxis, and developing supersonic flight are just a few. Accompanying innovation and disruption are engineering challenges, and the complexity that comes with new products requires new ways to manufacture them.

In this paper, you will learn how a closed-loop intelligent manufacturing process assists aviation companies:

  • Reduce program costs and ramp up schedule
  • Drive more performance out of their products
  • Increase electrification of product to improve sustainability
  • Collaborate globally to interact and work together to drive innovation and drive disruption

The Digital Twin in Aerospace Manufacturing Software

Today’s advancement in technology invites greater innovation and disruption in the Aerospace & Defense industry, and it is all accompanied by complexity. As most products are becoming smarter, organizations need to develop manufacturing processes and multiple manufacturing and assembly technologies that bring those together to produce structural parts, electrical system parts, composites and more.

This white paper provides a look at the importance of the digital twin in aerospace manufacturing software and how organizations can use it to simulate operations, and also add it to how equipment performs in the field. This data then can provide insights to drive back upstream in the digital thread. Download the white paper now.