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Integrate safety systems and the future of automotive design

Reading time: 15 minutes

The automotive industry is undergoing a safer and more environmentally friendly transition with advancements in autonomous vehicles (AV) and vehicle electrification. Incorporating safety systems into these vehicles is increasingly important, making robust, fast, and accurate numerical simulations crucial to their development process. This white paper discusses the transitions occurring in the automotive industry and what considerations for integrated safety system designs are relevant today and expected to gain relevance in the coming years.

Tackle the challenges of automotive safety system design

Integrated safety solutions do not have a one-size-fits-all answer. It is imperative to arrive at optimal designs compatible with humans of varying sizes and populations and both genders to ensure the safety of the entire global population and not just a subset. Arriving at optimal designs is also a time-consuming exercise. Physical crash testing, although providing insight, is a tedious process, and testing all possible safety-critical scenarios is not the most cost-effective route; This is where a numerical simulation framework becomes necessary.

Implement Simcenter™ Madymo™ software in automotive safety systems

Simcenter™ Madymo™ is a software solution for occupant and vulnerable road user safety simulation. The concept of multi-body dynamics coupled with a multi-physics solver facilitates the modeling of safety simulations. The software comes equipped with a wide range of human and dummy multi-body models used to analyze various safety-critical scenarios. Studying the biomechanical response of human and dummy models allows engineers to develop validated multi-body simulation models. With the use of these validated models engineers can design time-efficient safety systems due to the computational speed advantage offered by multi-body dynamics compared to finite element analysis (FEA).

Siemens Digital Industries Software was awarded the 'Crash Test Innovation of the Year' in 2021 by Automotive Testing Technology Magazine for its outstanding functionality and Simcenter™ Madymo™ models that help engineers develop products that protect and save human lives. Download the white paper to learn more about our award-winning solution.