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Integrated Machine Design and Building Simulation Software

Machine builders are being challenged to deliver more intelligent, flexible, configurable, and automated industrial equipment.

Overcoming these challenges requires a more efficient approach to machine building and design called Intelligent Performance Engineering.

Intelligent Performance Engineering consists of three main features:

1. multiphysics simulation
2. integrated design and simulation
3. closed-loop validation

This white paper takes a closer look at the second aspect, integrated design, and simulation.

Integrated machined design and simulation allow designers and simulation engineers to use the same model in one system to drive innovation and boost productivity.

Manufacturing Design and Optimization Using Intelligent Performance Engineering

Using Intelligent Performance Engineering for industrial machinery and equipment design enables machine builders to create a comprehensive digital twin within the cloud.

Engineers can use the digital twin to optimize machines and equipment, resulting in higher-quality designs, shorter commissioning times, and predictive maintenance capabilities.

Read the white paper and find out how integrated design and simulation builds a strong foundation for the digital twin.

Design Simulation Software for Digital and Visual Prototyping

The digital twin provides a digital prototype, helping to predict performance of the physical machine under a variety of conditions without the need for a physical prototype.

This virtual prototyping helps to meet cost and schedule goals without sacrificing the quality of a complex customized machine.

By embracing the digital twin, machine builders improve the simulation of various components, equipment, and their characteristics more accurately.

Download the white paper and learn how integrated design and simulation enhance and improve digital and visual prototyping.

Intelligent Performance Engineering and Machine Simulation

Machine simulation and validation results are stored in a centralized repository with Intelligent Performance Engineering.

This automates information sharing, improves collaboration across engineering domains, and supports customer needs better.

Instead of starting from scratch, machine builders can use this library of proven components to accelerate the design process, building on the existing combined engineering knowledge gained from machine simulation and testing.

Read the white paper and find out how engineers can begin producing fully optimized machines faster.