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Remote condition monitoring and remote service

Within a global manufacturing environment, machines are becoming commoditized, resulting in increased competition and the entrance of low-cost machine builders. Exceptional after-sales service is vital to stay competitive and maintain customer satisfaction.

Remote condition monitoring and remote service can provide connectivity, data and analytics that allow manufacturers to transform their service processes from reactive to proactive. Download this new white paper to learn how to leverage remote condition monitoring and remote service to drive success.

Machine health monitoring

Remote condition monitoring and service solutions can connect machines in the field to the industrial IoT. Data collected from OT and IT devices provides real-time transparency to monitor machine health and performance as well as allow for analytics that can help OEMs:

  • Analyze machine operations

  • Investigate the root cause of identified issues

  • Define a strategy to avoid or fix any issues before it causes a machine disruption

Remote support software

A remote support software solution provides near real-time machine performance data and sends alerts when fluctuations exceed accepted, user-defined norms for that asset. Some typical use cases and benefits of this solution include:

  • Unusual machine behavior detection

  • Instantly view a complete asset history

  • Remotely investigate the issue and understand the root cause

  • Remote access to the machine with a secure connection

Data in context

Machine technicians can easily start service tickets and request a remote connection to the on-site asset. They can then access machine data in context to perform analytics, spot anomalies and initiate remote service.

Download the latest white paper to read more about how remote condition monitoring and service offers a competitive advantage, optimized service efficiencies, a reduction in product downtime and improvement in product designs.