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Inphi Case Study: Improving Digital Design Productivity

In fast-moving markets such as big data, IoT, artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles, augmented reality, and new media, time to market and product quality are equally critical. Especially at advanced nodes, eliminating inefficiencies and minimizing time-and resource-intensive activities are key to safeguarding market position and profitability. Inphi saw opportunities to improve their digital implementation process and condense closure schedules, with the right tools.

Inphi adds Calibre Realtime Digital in-design signoff design rule checking for faster, more efficient digital IC design and verification

The Calibre RealTime Digital interface completely changes the traditional digital design DRC closure flow by bringing Calibre signoff verification into the P&R environment. Implementing the Calibre RealTime Digital interface enables Inphi designers to iterate through Calibre signoff DRC in their implementation environment, speeding verification flows while ensuring that the high-performance designs they create meet all manufacturing requirements. Learn how Inphi used the Calibre RealTime Digital interface to produce high-quality, optimized digital designs while reducing runtimes and resource usage, enabling them to meet ever-tightening production schedules with confidence.