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Make or buy IIoT for equipment manufacturing

Should you build an IIoT platform or leverage a ready-made solution? Pros & Cons IoT Solutions Guide.

IIoT platforms – Should you make or buy your IoT solution?

Implementing the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is now imperative as the most competitive global manufacturers are becoming digital enterprises. Leading the transformation and reshaping the landscape are IIoT platforms and solutions.

As more advanced IIoT software and hardware develops, decision-makers need to consider how best to position their organizations to take advantage of this innovation by either making or buying their own IIoT solution.

Read this joint Microsoft and Siemens white paper, "Make vs. Buy: Understanding the Tradeoffs Between a Build-Your-Own and Pre-Built Industrial IoT Solution," to learn the advantages and disadvantages of each approach and how other manufacturers have gotten started.

Optimize equipment manufacturing with IIoT solutions

Smart manufacturing leverages technology in manufacturing environments to monitor and optimize the production process. IIoT solutions together with cloud, artificial intelligence and other technologies help organizations automate operations and improve manufacturing performance. Every machine in every facility becomes connected to provide valuable data in real time.

IoT development kit

Collaboration between IT and OT experts can be challenging for an organization as leaders evaluate the different types of IoT solutions. A pre-built IIoT solution provides the benefit of a ready-made “IoT development kit” with the flexibility to meet your organization’s specific needs. A truly modern solution offers support for application development tools including low-code applications that can help connect departmental silos so your company can accelerate innovation.

Low-code defines a new way of developing applications that allows an enterprise to leverage all the talent available on both the IT and the business sides. With this end-to-end collaboration and agile workflows, teams can deliver value solutions at speed. Siemens' Mendix™ platform also offers the tools needed to develop low-code applications that can be deployed on an industrial IoT solution.

Microsoft Azure and Siemens Insights Hub partnership

Insights Hub is a leading industrial IoT as a service solution built on Microsoft’s Azure Platform as a service (PaaS) support offering. Insights Hub connects products, systems, plants and machines, enabling companies to harness the power of advanced analytics to improve manufacturing performance. Serving over 95% of Fortune 500 companies, Azure offers the scale and presence to support IIoT efforts around the world. Insights Hub on Azure gives you a pre-configured set of building blocks that are commonly needed to execute an IIoT project with the ability to deploy or connect to specific applications as needed.

Download the white paper to learn more about how your organization can take advantage of an unparalleled pace of innovation in today’s global manufacturing climate.