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Industrial and Systems Engineering for Heavy Equipment

Systems Driven Product Development for the heavy equipment industry has proven to be valuable methodologies. These top-down methodologies and developmental approaches are both collaborative and domain-inclusive. Supported by technologies such as Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), they address many of the challenges faced by heavy equipment manufacturers.

Managing the Complexity of Heavy Equipment Design and Development

Manage the complexity in heavy equipment design and development with our next-generation design software platform that focuses on streamlining processes to take advantage of synergies across domains. Update in-use methodologies to contain engineering costs, improve efficiencies and, lastly, align the tool ecosystem with these processes and methods to deliver better quality heavy equipment, faster and at a reduced cost.

Benefits of Systems Driven Product Development in Heavy Equipment and Construction Equipment

Re-use of platforms, digital models, and other product-related information improves investment returns and can dramatically shorten development cycles. It makes sound business sense for heavy equipment manufacturing to capitalize on reusable elements but considers extending the value of digital models to other areas as well. For instance, Model Based Definition (MBD) adds Product Manufacturing Information (PMI) to 3D models. Using MBD helps heavy equipment companies to improve design understandings, product quality, and (internal and external) manufacturing processes. Download our heavy equipment pdf to learn more benefits of using a model-based systems engineering approach in heavy equipment development.