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Improving product quality — a critical driver of success for manufacturers

Modern manufacturers know that now, more than ever, improving product quality can determine the success or failure of their business. Quality impacts the entire product lifecycle throughout design, manufacturing, and most importantly, the customer experience.

Industry leaders know that customer experience matters and will seek to exceed customer expectations by embracing quality not just as a cost-saving strategy or a compliance necessity, but as an integral part of their corporate culture.

In this white paper from Siemens and SAS, discover how manufacturers can address product quality challenges with the latest advancements in computer vision by leveraging analytics-driven intelligence wherever it’s needed — from the edge to the cloud.

Customer experience matters: AI can improve manufacturing defect detection rates by up to 90%

Exceeding customer expectations while also increasing throughput and yield can sound like a daunting and expensive undertaking. However, thanks to recent advances in edge and cloud technologies for industrial internet of things (IIoT), modern manufacturers can address quality problems in a much more cost-effective manner than in the past.

Benefits of improving product quality:

  • Increase production yield and reduce scrap, waste, and rework
  • Advance sustainability efforts with lower water and energy use, send less waste to landfills
  • Increase production line throughput, decrease energy use
  • Increase end-product quality and improve customer satisfaction, margins, and brand value
  • Reduce warranty claims, aftersales defects, and product recalls

Centralized access to intelligent data enables collaboration across an entire organization and creates an environment where the critical task of improving product quality can become a core principle in the business.