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How digitalization contributes to tomorrow’s sustainable products

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In today’s global economy, sustainable products and processes are quickly becoming a key competitive advantage. With over 80 percent of all product-related environmental impacts determined during the design phase, the careful design of products for a sustainable future is a critical business decision. Improving the sustainability of design with digitalization and automation enables the harnessing of collective intelligence. This approach helps businesses control and manage their data throughout the value chain making climate-conscious decisions throughout the product development lifecycle.

Your competitive advantage for sustainable product development

The demand for more sustain­able operations and product offerings will only increase in the years ahead. The Siemens Xcelerator digital business platform is well-positioned to address today’s complexities and tomorrow’s sustainability goals. The stakes are high and industries across the globe must now consider the role they want to play. Siemens is committed to business leaders who want to make a change for the better – right now. As a global technology leader, Siemens has real-world experience developing climate friendly and sustainable products for industries around the world.

Make your move towards digital transformation today

Download this free white paper to learn how to successfully transform your operations with digital software and technologies as you bring innovative and sustainable products to market. This vital paper includes case studies on how real customers have adopted and deployed Siemens Xcelerator software to expedite sustainable product innovation. Learn how you can contribute to the world’s sustainability efforts with higher levels of productivity and profitability.