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Sustainability in equipment manufacturing – design for purpose

We live in an industrial revolution full of technological advancements. The equipment manufacturing world is changing by designing for sustainability and environmental impact. Manufacturers must be prepared for the next generation of advanced projects by adopting design innovations to modernize solutions and processes.

Download this new white paper to learn about the tools needed to create limitless design possibilities with the goal of designing more sustainably and manufacture more efficiently in the future.

Lattice structures

Lattice structure techniques are growing in functionality and popularity due to the increase in additive manufacturing technologies. Integrating lattices in designs enables significant mass reduction, which reduces costs associated with resources, tooling procedures and shipping and energy consumption. Modernizing the design for additive manufacturing will reduce part weight and enhance structural properties, extending the product's lifespan.

Materials modeling with Multimech

With Multimech software, engineers can predict how, when and why advanced materials fail at the microstructural level. Multimech is a fully integrated software that enables multiscale material modeling and simulation. Engineers use Multimech to simulate and predict advanced material performance with three exceptional capabilities:

  1. Automatic microstructure generation and optimization

  2. Understand manufacturing variability and imperfections

  3. Perform multiscale material modeling

Role of simulation software in sustainability

Virtual engineering and simulations empower users to support sustainable manufacturing by providing a solution to resource scarcity, carbon emissions, and customer attraction to environmentally friendly products. Integrated simulation and testing reduces material usage, decreases energy spent on physical prototyping and machining, and increases the ease of designing and testing in one work environment.

Design optimization with HEEDS

Design optimization with HEEDS can drastically reduce energy usage and material byproducts. This design exploration and optimization software helps engineers determine the most efficient and sustainable design. HEEDS maximizes available computational hardware and software resources to drive product innovation and accelerate the product development process by automating analysis workflows.

Check out the latest white paper to learn more about how you can design more sustainably and get products to market faster than ever.