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White Paper

Perform heavy equipment durability testing campaigns in full confidence

While the use of simulation is increasing year over year, durability testing of heavy equipment remains crucial to avoid vehicle recalls and meet customers' expectations.

Agricultural, construction, and mining field conditions are amongst the hardest you can encounter, such as extreme temperatures, moisture, mud and dust, and high shock and vibration levels that pose challenges on any equipment. This requires innovative tools and solutions for field data acquisition and load data analysis to produce reliable machines.

This Simcenter white paper describes how to perform durability testing campaigns of heavy equipment by securing that every activity or step is tuned and optimized for testing productivity while maintaining the same high-level quality.

Off-Road machine durability testing

A tuned and optimized off-road machine durability testing campaign of heavy equipment is comprised of a set of different activities:

  • Instrumentation of the machine

  • Need to add force cells and pressure sensors

  • Defining the channel setup in the acquisition software

  • Executing maneuvers on the test field in order to simulate the real-life usage and measure the loads

  • Validating the measured data Data clean-up by removing anomalies like spikes, drift, and offsets

  • An in-depth durability analysis to gain insights into the damage potential

  • Data conversion and reporting

  • Accelerated test schedules for simulation, test benches, or proving grounds

Download the white paper and ensure that every activity and every step of your testing campaign is tuned and optimized for testing productivity while keeping the same high-level quality.

Discover Simcenter durability testing solutions

Durability testing teams are experiencing an increased workload under time pressure. Simcenter durability testing integrates a full set of software and hardware features for a complete end-to-end solution.

Covering every step of the durability testing campaign, you can execute your entire test campaign in less time, with increased confidence, and with fewer errors than ever.

  • Collect precise and realistic load data in harsh environments

  • Deploy precise multi-physics measurements anytime and anywhere using our rugged data acquisition system

  • Accelerate the delivery of critical durability insights when preparing for test rig campaigns or reliable simulations with load & fatigue analysis tools

  • Accelerate durability testing and minimize the time and cost spent on validating your product’s durability performance

  • Optimize test schedules and map your product’s real usage to a condensed durability test schedule