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White Paper

Flexible Hybrid Electronics Design: Reducing Time to Market

Reading time: 10 minutes
In this paper, NextFlex explains the basics of flexible hybrid electronics (FHE) design and its requirements. They describe the tools they developed to simplify the design process, shortening development cycles, and ultimately time to market, and they share how NextFlex and its consortium members from across the ecosystem are coming together to create materials databases and process development kits (PDK).

They describe how the materials and process database, FHE PDKs, reference designs, and managed reuse blocks are part of a new design process vision that promises to streamline FHE design and manufacturing. Finally, they reveal how this new design process enables them to provide plug-and-play designs built to provide modules that not only enable a faster turnaround but also reduce the amount of time and effort it takes to manufacture and design for FHE.