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Faster and more accurate quoting for independent electronics manufacturers

Keeping up with demand and improving accuracy are a critical part of the day-to-day quoting requirements for small and mid-sized electronics assembly and manufacturing service companies. These firms cannot afford to spend their engineers’ time on cost calculations. They need more accurate, faster tools to speed up the request for proposal (RFP) process.

The BOM Connector solution can accelerate smaller manufacturers' capabilities. This automated system allows the costing department to use templates that can be reused across projects. Importing future BOM files is faster and accuracy is improved.

Download this white paper to explore how automation can speed up the RFP process, enabling instant processing of supplier quotes.

A better way to provide fast, accurate customer quotes

A large company has an entire department dedicated to cost calculation. Smaller companies need a competitive advantage to manage the quotation process. This helps generate quotes they may not necessarily win however, if they don’t participate in the bidding process, they may be left out the next time around.

This white paper highlights a more effective way to create accurate quotations with less time and effort, without input from manufacturing process engineers. Featured are results obtained from Omnigo, an electronics contract manufacturer, that reduced their average RFQ turnaround time to process supplier quotes instantly with the Valor BOM Connector.