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Ensuring ESD protection verification with Calibre PERC packaged checks

Electronic design automation (EDA) verification of electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection is a complex task. Different integrated circuit (IC) companies use different ESD protection approaches, different design flows, and different verification tools. To establish a consistent and comprehensive ESD EDA verification flow, the ESD Association (EDSA) provides recommended ESD compliance checks. The Calibre PERC reliability platform includes many of these ESD checks as packaged checks, allowing design companies to implement fast, efficient ESD verification without the need to code and maintain their own checks.

Apply ESDA ESD protection guidelines quickly and accurately in your IC designs with Calibre PERC packaged checks

To provide consistent and accurate coverage of ESDA ESD protection rules, the Calibre PERC platform includes packaged checks that IC designers can run either by using default parameters or applying desired modifications, eliminating the need for manually-coded checks. IC designers can embed Calibre PERC packaged checks into their existing design verification flows as part of an integrated Calibre platform for cell, square, and full-chip verification. Not only do these packaged checks ensure compliance with the ESDA design rules at all ESD design levels, from device to full chip level, but they also save IC design companies the time and resources required to code and maintain their own checks.

The Calibre PERC packaged ESDA checks provide a new and innovative way to apply the ESDA ESD protection guidelines quickly and accurately, enabling IC designers to run comprehensive ESD protection verification on any technology node for any design level. By using the Calibre PERC packaged ESDA checks, IC designers can achieve fast, accurate ESD reliability verification while reducing time to market.