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Enhancing test engineering efficiency: leveraging intelligent CAD data for accurate testing

In today's fast-paced and ever-evolving manufacturing landscape, the role of test engineers has become increasingly critical. With labor shortages, high-mix manufacturing, and the constant drive for faster time-to-market, these skilled professionals face immense pressure. Manual analysis of schematics and layouts is no longer viable in this demanding environment.

Siemens offers cutting-edge software solutions tailored to the needs of the industry. Our goal is simple yet profound: to empower test engineers to transform their testing processes efficiently, ensuring high product quality and maximizing manufacturing yields.

Download the white paper and take the first step towards enhancing your test engineering efficiency.

The power of intelligent CAD files for test engineering

The demand for customized electronic products is surging across various industries, reshaping the manufacturing landscape. Test engineers now find themselves during this transformation, facing the challenge of handling a higher production mix and introducing new products at an unprecedented pace. Siemens steps in with a game-changing solution: intelligent CAD data.

Our intelligent CAD files serve as the cornerstone of a seamless transition from the physical world to an automated digital format. This transformation enables the consistent and accurate flow of data throughout the production cycle, mitigating the challenges posed by labor shortages and high-mix manufacturing.

Efficient test engineering through automation: Smart CAD solutions

The modern test engineer no longer has the luxury of dedicating extensive time to manually optimizing testing strategies. Time is of the essence and achieving the highest test coverage in the shortest time possible is paramount. Siemens' CAD solutions offer a lifeline to test engineers by automating critical processes.

From streamlined data preparation to intelligent probe placement and efficient test program generation, our software tools are designed to accelerate testing processes, reduce manual work, and guarantee reliable testing results.

Download our white paper to learn how Siemens CAD solutions can revolutionize your test engineering workflow. Gain valuable insights, explore specific examples, and discover how our software solutions can empower your test engineers to achieve optimal results.