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Enhanced bid and project management for the marine industry

As modern ships become increasingly complex, the shipbuilding process also becomes more intricate. This introduces more risk for shipbuilders. An integrated project planning and execution solution that includes enhanced bid and project management can help ensure that risks are identified and mitigated, and that profitability is maintained.

Benefits of enhanced bid management for shipbuilders

An integrated approach to bid management for shipbuilding projects has myriad benefits including improving estimates, creating project schedules in a shorter time with greater accuracy, and enabling better collaboration through greater visibility. It also boosts efficiency through controlled processes for review, approval, and status of cost estimates.

Holistic ship project data library

An integrated project planning and execution solution can also help shipyards create a holistic ship project data library. Shipyards can use historical data to define best practices and lessons learned that can help them create better bids. As they collect more data from bidding and performing work consistently, they’ll be able to improve both bid accuracy and project execution.

Project management investment

An integrated project planning and execution software solution is a project management investment that can help shipbuilders succeed. They can build better bids based on comprehensive historical data stored in a centralized location. They can mitigate risks and foster greater collaboration throughout the bid creation process.

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