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Revolutionizing the CPG industry: Siemens & Accenture's innovative solution

Streamline Your CPG Product Development with Siemens' Advanced PLM Technology

The CPG market is constantly evolving to keep up with fast-changing consumer demands, market trends, and technological advancements. To remain competitive, CPG organizations need to build agility and flexibility into every step of their design, development, and manufacturing capabilities. Siemens and Accenture have collaborated to design a new solution that provides end-to-end capabilities across the entire CPG product development process. This new solution enables CPG companies become more competitive and keep up with changing consumer needs and the increasing preference for more sustainable products and personalized experiences.

Download this report brought to you by Siemens & Accenture to learn more about this unique cloud-based enhanced approach to tackle CPG industry challenges and stay ahead of the curve .

Stay ahead of evolving industry trends

CPG companies must meet the growing demands of consumers and investors for personalized, healthy, and sustainable products and processes to stay competitive. This requires investing in new technologies that support innovation to develop products that meet the evolving needs of today's connected consumers.

Overcome challenges facing CPG companies

CPG companies face numerous challenges, including changing consumer preferences, market disruptions, short production timelines, complex regulations, sustainable production practices, product differentiation, and mitigating financial risk. Addressing these challenges quickly and efficiently is crucial for success in the industry.

The traditional approach

Traditionally, CPG companies have used a multisystem approach to tackle market challenges, but this can lead to production errors and delays when multiple platforms cannot share data. To effectively address today's challenges and industry trends, companies need an approach that fosters collaboration across many business functions, avoids information silos, and establishes a digital thread that can bring together data from multiple sources. Our PLM software includes advanced collaboration tools, real-time analytics, and machine learning capabilities that can help you streamline your product development process and improve efficiency.

An enhanced approach

Our cloud-based solution, developed by Siemens and Accenture, provides a reliable digital thread that connects data across the entire product development process. By linking existing technology platforms across different business functions, our solution enables easy sharing of critical data, helping organizations quickly pivot and innovate as needed. This can help companies achieve their goals in weeks or months instead of years.

How CPG companies benefit from packaging and labeling solutions

Siemens and Accenture's solution helps CPG companies bring packaging and labeling in-house, enabling them to better support promotions and new market opportunities. Our experience shows that this solution also supports multiple PLM platforms after mergers and acquisitions, maintaining productivity across teams.