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Enhance IC reliability design verification with coordinate-based P2P and CD checking

Calibre® PERC™ logic-driven layout (LDL) current density (CD) and point-to-point (P2P) resistance calculations are used in many applications during physical and circuit verification. Until recently, device-based or cell-based checks were the only options. Coordinate-based checks now provide a faster and simpler method of running P2P and CD checks, without the need to define complex devices/cells or nets.

Coordinate-based P2P and CD checks enable quick early-stage design verification of ESD protection and other IC reliability issues

Coordinate-based checking minimizes the amount of rule deck coding required, enabling design teams to start Calibre PERC P2P/CD verification very quickly, and understand and debug the results easily. Because P2P/CD checks are applicable to many verification processes, coordinate-based P2P/CD verification is a valuable option for reducing the time and effort required for quick layout checks during early-stage design implementation and verification.