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Autonomy, electrification & rise of model-based E/E design

Read this paper to learn about a powerful software that automatically transforms input models into deterministic outputs, transforming automotive electrical and electronics (E/E) design.

Electrical systems design software transforms today’s design processes

The amount of electrical and electronic (E/E) content in new vehicles continues to explode as consumers demand greater personalization options and regular updates. At the same time, new technologies such as autonomous and electric vehicles are maturing, compounding E/E complexity. New advanced E/E design and engineering tools can automatically transform input models into deterministic outputs. These solutions will prove critical to the design of tomorrow’s sophisticated vehicles.

Key learnings of model based E/E design

Modern E/E engineering solutions offer powerful features to streamline and accelerate vehicle development:

  • Generative design capabilities can synthesize wiring, components and more to automate previously manual tasks
  • Integrated metrics provide real-time feedback on design properties such as bandwidth, weight, cost and CPU utilization
  • A robust digital thread ensures data continuity from requirements through manufacturing and supports the creation of a comprehensive digital twin