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The impact of electric and autonomous vehicles on aftersales service and maintenance

Reading time: 30 minutes

The after-sales service and vehicle maintenance will only become more critical as vehicles become increasingly electrified and autonomous. These vehicle technologies create new challenges and concerns for service technicians as they repair and maintain customers’ vehicles.

New tools to enhance automotive service

The growing electrification and automation of vehicles will have extensive effects on vehicle servicing and maintenance. As automakers integrate more sophisticated electrical and electronic systems, the challenges of vehicle servicing will change.

Electric and autonomous vehicles bring unique and intricate challenges to the service environment that may require specialized training or bespoke processes to manage. Service technicians will need new techniques and expertise to diagnose and repair electric and autonomous vehicles effectively and, most of all, safely. Advanced electrical systems engineering solutions can automate the generation of accurate and interactive service documentation, equipping service technicians with the tools they need to overcome the challenges of maintaining these advanced vehicles.