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white paper

Architecture-driven E/E systems development flow

Across industries, electrical and electronic (E/E) systems are trending towards increasingly unmanageable levels of content and complexity. The growth in E/E content and complexity requires new approaches for developing E/E architectures. This white paper will address how such approaches can be adopted and how complex architectures be optimized.

Model-based systems engineering: Framework and integrations

Product development can no longer occur as an isolated task but must happen in the context of a fully digitalized thread, known as model-based systems engineering (MBSE). E/E systems development is integrated into an overall MBSE flow through deep connections within the complete product development process. Through the investigation of tools designed to address these specific issues of complexity, this paper shares how advanced solutions can help to create a powerful digitalized E/E architecture thread across the product and application lifecycles, supporting MBSE methodologies and generating enormous customer value.