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Easy access to high-quality tire model parameter sets for vehicle dynamics simulations

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The Simcenter Tire Model Marketplace allows vehicle OEMs and their TIER suppliers to obtain high-quality tire model parameters at a fraction of the cost of traditional engineering services. It's a critical component of Simcenter Tire software, an industry standard solution for simulating tire behavior in vehicles.

Nonexclusive tire model parameter sets (TIR files) are available from the Tire Model Marketplace for use in vehicle dynamics simulations. The files contain parameters for the MF-Tyre/MF-Swift tire model.

This white paper will teach you how to easily obtain high-quality tire model parameter sets for vehicle dynamics simulation.

An end-to-end solution for modeling tires

Simcenter Tire's goal is to accurately represent tire forces and moments in a variety of vehicle dynamic simulations. The Simcenter Tire portfolio includes the Tire Model Marketplace, the MF-Tyre/MF-Swift tire model, the MF-Tool tire model parameterization tool, tire testing, and consultancy services. The Simcenter Tire test trailer, an on-road test laboratory testing in real-life conditions, is primarily used for testing to identify the parameter sets of the Tire Model Marketplace. This white paper discusses the numerous advantages of an end-to-end tire modeling solution for vehicle applications ranging from vehicle handling to durability.

Take the next steps in virtual vehicle development

With continuous technological developments and a global team of tire modeling engineers, Simcenter is making it possible for the industry to take the next steps in virtual vehicle development.