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White Paper

Competitive advantage with concurrent PCB design

With Xpedition technology, not only can all design tasks occur simultaneously but multiple individuals can contribute simultaneously to each task that helps accelerate design time, reduce product development costs, and improve product quality with real-time concurrent design.

This white paper describes how tool- and flow-based concurrency can be used throughout the design process, including system design, schematic design, constraint management, and PCB layout.

How would concurrent PCB design benefit your team?

  • Improve time to market

  • Reduce product development cost

  • Improve design quality

  • Sustainable competitive differentiation

What are concurrent PCB design best practices?

  • Ensuring that all team members have access to, and are trained in the use of, a tool suite that supports a team-based design model.

  • Remembering that concurrent design does not eliminate the need for ongoing communication, especially for events such as a significant ECO.

  • Trying to avoid the not-invented-here syndrome. Recognize that everyone has their own style for designing. As such, resist the urge to change the work of others on the team.

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