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White Paper

Digitalizing development of electric vehicle electronics, electric distribution systems and safety critical PCBs

Reading time: 20 minutes

The widespread adoption of electric vehicle (EV) systems is driving printed circuit board (PCB) and electrical component suppliers to develop durable, robust, and reliable systems. However, technology of the past will not meet the new challenges of tomorrow. New integrated, multi-domain, simulation-driven development processes are required to evaluate all aspects of electronic and electrical systems performance virtually before they are built and tested to get the design right the first time and expedite time to market.

In this whitepaper, you will learn how to implement new engineering and simulation methodologies to accelerate the development of safe and reliable electric vehicle power electronics, electrical distribution systems, and safety-critical PCBs.

Integrated automotive electronic and electrical system design verification

Electric vehicles become a reality on the highways, so durability and reliability will become crucial to the success of the related power electronics, electrical distribution and safety-critical PCB applications. Regulations requiring ever-increasing safety standards are forcing companies who design and manufacture PCBs to adopt fast, efficient, sophisticated, right-first-time development practices. PCB suppliers can turn these challenges into opportunities with a fully digitalized, simulation-driven development process.

Siemens Digital Industries Software offers simulation solutions covering a wide range of applications to support those requirements:

  • Electronic circuit and electric system performance
  • Layout and architectural topology optimization
  • 3D CAD modeling of the mechanical and PCB
  • Thermal, structural and fatigue analysis of mechanical, electronic and electrical components and systems
  • Performance optimization