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Digital transformation: How Siemens EDA helps you engineer a smarter future faster

Reading time: 15 minutes
Over the past six decades, thousands of companies in the tech sector have worked diligently to bring new, ever-more sophisticated electronic innovations to market daily, culminating in today’s age of digitalization, which is rapidly changing how we live, travel, conduct business and communicate. This pace of digital transformation will accelerate even more rapidly as more companies begin to incorporate AI and machine learning into “everything digital.” Siemens EDA is dedicated to helping more companies advance in their digital transformation and engineer a smarter future faster.

Digital Technology

The realities of the COVID-19 pandemic have laid bare the frailties of businesses that do not have a robust digital presence or that partner with companies and manufacturers that are not digitally robust. The disruption the pandemic created have made evident the value and even necessity of investment in new digital transformation technologies.

Siemens EDA

Siemens EDA became the first tech company to tear down the barriers between engineering disciplines to facilitate the design of entire digital ecosystems. Siemens recognized that to develop tomorrow’s digital innovations more rapidly, the most successful companies and their suppliers either have adopted or are in the process of adopting a system of systems mindset, in which “the system” is no longer just the IP core your team is developing, or the IC, PCB, the embedded software, the ECU, or even automobile your team is developing. Rather it is all those electrical, software and mechanical systems and the network connecting all those systems integrated into smart business environments, smart factories, smart infrastructure and smart cities – it is the whole ecosystem your enterprise or your customers’ enterprises are building. Download the white paper to learn more about Siemens EDA software.