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The growing importance of the digital thread across the A&D product lifecycle and associated systems

Today’s aerospace and defense companies are at the forefront of two historic trends: unprecedented innovation and increased complexity. To take advantage of these trends and compete successfully, aerospace and defense companies must embrace the digital enterprise (digital twin and digital thread) in order to be more productive, innovate faster, and achieve program execution excellence to ensure programs deliver on technical requirements, cost and schedule.

In this white paper on digital threads, you will learn how

Companies can utilize digital threads to provide industry specific solutions to complex business problems and focus on the five major functional areas in any program: Program Management, Engineering, Supply Chain, Production, and Product Support. This will enable them to dramatically improve their program execution, cost, technical and schedule performance using a model-based enterprise approach employing a digital twin and digital thread process.

Read this white paper on digital threads to learn how digital transformation affects aerospace manufacturers and government agencies to enable productivity and innovations for the next generation of design, manufacturing and maintenance through increased automation and digitalization.