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White Paper

Exploring sustainability in the chemical industry through digital manufacturing

Sustainability is transforming chemicals. Initially driven by reducing health and safety impacts, chemical companies have embraced digitalization to develop environmentally-friendly products, accelerate decarbonization and minimize end-of-life disposal. In this white paper, you’ll learn how digital tools such as manufacturing operation management (MOM) systems are boosting sustainability in the chemical industry by:

  • Connecting business and design with the factory floor
  • Ensuring new initiatives incorporate high operational efficiency and superior product quality
  • Simulating design changes before introducing them in production plants

Digital supply chain management (SCM) for chemical manufacturing

Extend your chemical plant’s transportation efficiency beyond your facility using digital supply chain management (SCM). In the whitepaper, you’ll learn how these systems:

  • Reduce the environmental impact of your suppliers and customers

  • Orchestrate logistics, optimize procurement and perform analytics

  • Improve supply chain visibility

Modern formulated product design (FPD)

To eliminate the chemical impact of raw materials and products on the environment, businesses must deploy new eco-friendly formulas quickly while ensuring they meet customer requirements. With digital formulated product design (FPD), chemical companies can optimize and streamline R&D with a scalable and flexible product data management platform. Read the whitepaper to discover how this solution integrates and aligns product and manufacturing data and processes to accelerate new product development.

Digital tools for profit sustainability in the chemical industry

By strategically deploying MOM and other digital manufacturing systems to innovate, streamline and error-proof your manufacturing operations, your chemical company can attain profit sustainability. Using advanced digital tools, efforts to minimize adverse environmental impacts of your operations don’t have to cut into your financial gains. The whitepaper highlights how tools such as plant simulation can optimize operations before your business makes its first capital equipment expenditure.