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Designing for security for fully autonomous vehicles

Safety and security are hot topics in designing for IoT devices, which includes vehicles. In this paper, we focus on automotive hardware security, that is, security solutions built into the ICs that power the ECUs, communication channels, infotainment system, and various driver assist features. We then describe how Tessent design-for-test (DFT) and Embedded Analytics fit into a multi-layer security approach. Security is an urgent issue now as the automotive industry pursues greater automation, connectivity, electrification, and sharing. The electrical/electronic systems in vehicles are growing in complexity and are more connected than ever. A malicious hack can affect not only privacy, but the life and health of the passengers.

Security of automotive electronics, then, is not just an issue of competitive advantage for automakers and OEMs; it’s a business, legal and moral imperative. However, the problems faced by IC designers are not well defined or widely understood, and the solutions are not always clearly presented.