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How to Design Safe and Secure Industrial Devices

The importance of functional safety, as an inherent feature built into your industrial device, cannot be over emphasized.

Reading time: 12 minutes
Industrial Safety and Security
There is no question that safety and security cannot be emphasized enough in today’s world of Industrial device design, but you can build safe and secure RTOS, Linux®, and Android environments. IEC 61508, IEC 62062, ISO 13849, IEC 61511, and ISO 10218 are all safety standards in place today to maximize safety and minimize risk in industrial devices with embedded software. These standards help define a systematic approach to safety management with the incorporation of safety thought-processes in the product development process all the way from initial concept to end-of-life, and need to be applied not only at the system level, but also at the node and edge device levels. This white paper discusses the various steps your organization can take to follow and adhere to these safety standards in place today to greatly decrease the risk of economic damage, environmental harm, and risk to human life.