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Crush semi-manufacturing runtimes with Calibre in the cloud

The electronic design automation (EDA) software used to manufacture electronic chips is traditionally run on compute clusters on-premises with job schedulers to manage the queues and allocate resources. But cloud is now a viable option for the compute-intensive steps of the post-tapeout flow, including optical proximity correction, mask process correction and mask data preparation. This paper describes how running these jobs in the cloud boosts scalability and slashes runtime.

Realize scaling and efficiency for the semi-manufacturing flow

The challenges of on-remise compute clusters for the post-tapeout IC flow are reaching a tipping point where adopting cloud solutions becomes more attractive. Implementing a cloud solution for electronic design automation (EDA) workloads is not without it's own challenges is a great solution to many of the problems of managing on-site compute clusters.

The Calibre semi-manufacturing flow is cloud-ready and scales well and is very cost-efficient. Siemens EDA also offers scheduler solutions for the cloud that are well-suited to large post-tapeout flow environments. The Siemens EDA Reference Environment is a pre-configured AWS ParallelCluster. The Calibre Kubernetes Operator launches Calibre jobs on Kubernetes clusters either on-cloud or on-premise.

Cloud computing is a powerful environment to crush Calibre semi-manufacturing runtimes through massive scaling, and Siemens EDA offers the tools to ease the transition to cloud-based post-tapeout flows.