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white paper

Creating Supply chain resilience for electronic system design

Reading time: 15 minutes
Supply chain disruptions are wreaking havoc throughout the electronics industry today. From component issues to cost increases, it’s becoming more difficult for project engineering teams to design and bring products to market on time and within budget. While project teams are feeling this supply chain pain, enterprises are faced with an increased cost of doing business.

This white paper highlights how businesses can manage risk and plan for a more resilient future by applying a three-phased solution to enable supply chain resilience for electronic systems design. This promising and effective three-phase approach will transform organizations and expand supply chain resilience to the point of design, allowing companies to optimize not only their systems design process but also every link to the stakeholders in the global electronics value chain. The paper focuses on the keys to resilient design and presents use-cases where resilient design can make a positive and significant impact towards a company’s bottom line and overall success.

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