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White Paper

The Expert Guide: Best practices for modeling and simulation in consumer packaged goods

Gain customer trust and loyalty in the consumer goods industry with our expert guide. Learn how to meet customer demands for product origin, performance, and the latest trends, while ensuring quick delivery. Discover how modeling and simulation can help you overcome manufacturing challenges and build lasting customer relationships. Authored by Tom Lang, a former Procter & Gamble veteran who established and directed the Modeling & Simulation (M&S) community, our guide provides valuable insights and practical strategies for success.

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Challenges in the consumer durables industry

Explore the unique challenges faced by manufacturers in the consumer durables industry and discover practical strategies for optimizing your development process in our expert guide. Learn how early-stage modeling and simulation, a digital thread, automation, and robotics can streamline communication, improve designs, and increase efficiency. Discover the benefits of data analysis for continuous improvement and stay competitive to improve your bottom line.

Structural integrity in consumer-packaged goods industry

Designers in the consumer-packaged goods industry must navigate environmental compliance, faster product cycles, and new mechanical stress. Utilizing modeling and simulation capabilities, they can create prototypes with structural integrity for efficient and accurate worldwide manufacturing.

How to reduce costs in manufacturing

Discover strategies to optimize your product development process, reduce manufacturing costs, and maintain product quality with our expert guide. Our white paper outlines effective ways to improve efficiency and reduce waste before costly production begins.