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White Paper

CMP simulation-based dummy fill optimization

Chemical-mechanical polishing (CMP) is a key technology for achieving surface planarity during IC manufacturing. Shrinking feature sizes increase the importance of CMP modeling and simulation to detect potential planarity hotspots on production designs and fix them prior to manufacturing. Using CMP simulation for both post-CMP hotspot detection and dummy fill pattern selection provides a faster and more precise dummy fill optimization, which can improve hotspot correction and increase compliance with surface planarity requirements.

CMP simulation-driven dummy fill optimization process

Modeling the CMP process provides a simulated post-CMP profile whose data can be used for dummy fill optimization. A CMP simulation-driven dummy fill optimization method using the Calibre CMPAnalyzer, Calibre CMP ModelBuilder, and Calibre YieldEnhancer with SmartFill tools can reduce the time and resources required to find and fix planarity hotspots while ensuring the optimal fill solution is used.