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Closed-loop manufacturing brings the virtual and physical realms together

Closed-loop manufacturing synchronizes and optimizes production

Manufacturing leaders must undergo a digital transformation to succeed in the new industrial revolution, or Industry 4.0. Manufacturing operations management (MOM) is the center of closed-loop manufacturing (CLM), where the virtual and physical realms come together.

The digital twin, fed by information from the connected digital thread, helps to virtually predict how something would look or perform in the physical world. The real value of digitalization and business transformation occurs as a company’s digital thread and digital twin capabilities transform business processes and enable CLM.

In this white paper, learn how the Siemens comprehensive digital twin offers organizations new insights and opportunities to drive innovation.

Closed-loop manufacturing (CLM) explained

As products are becoming more innovative, the processes required to manufacture those products and the volume of data those products and processes produce are becoming increasingly complex.

Overcoming the trials of innovation while leveraging all the advantages of new technology requires a new manufacturing paradigm: new data sources to operate concurrently, to be connected, integrated, and understood in context across the value chain of products and production processes. This process is called closed-loop manufacturing, or CLM.

In the new era of smart manufacturing, CLM has become essential. It’s the cornerstone of the digitalization journey.

CLM continuously improves the cost, time, and quality of the manufacturing process to accelerate the delivery of products at the optimum cost.

Modern manufacturing challenges require a closed-loop manufacturing solution

It’s a struggle for manufacturers to overcome key challenges to fulfill consumer demand ahead of the competition.

A few of those challenges include the need to:

  • Launch products faster

  • Create a more flexible, energy-efficient production system

  • Enhance security measures to reduce cyberattack vulnerability

Closed-loop manufacturing can help overcome many of these challenges and create a competitive advantage.

Manufacturing operations management (MOM) lays the foundation for closed-loop manufacturing

Every function of manufacturing operations management (MOM) needs to work together for a digital transformation to occur.

Many disciplines are involved, but manufacturing is where our envisioned products become real.

The MOM portfolio is used to orchestrate all the other pieces of the technology infrastructure to create the intended product for the user.

Get this white paper and begin learning how to build the digital infrastructure needed to realize closed-loop manufacturing.