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white paper

Closed-loop manufacturing

As a manufacturing leader, whether you have embarked on your digitalization journey, are laying the plans or just determining your course, one fact is clear: The journey must be taken if you want to continue to be a manufacturing leader in the next decade. Closed-loop manufacturing is the cornerstone of this digitalization journey.

This white paper explains the complexity of what manufacturers should be anticipating on their digital transformation journey, and what they should do now to capture the advantages this new era promises. How can they create a technology infrastructure capable of harnessing the power of massive data, and then convert that data into greater efficiency and quality?

There are many disciplines involved, but at the heart of manufacturing is where our envisioned products becomes real – production. The center of the digital infrastructure is manufacturing operations management (MOM). We look at MOM within the overall architecture, and detail the characteristics required for closed-loop manufacturing in the Digital Enterprise.