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White Paper

Closed-Loop Validation with Intelligent Performance Engineering


Machine builders rely on simulation early and often during the design and verification processes.

Closed-loop validation verifies the accuracy of those simulations by comparing them to the real-world machine operation in its actual physical environment.

Verifying simulation through real-time feedback from sensor-based machine data empowers machine builders to make further innovations for the next generation of machines.

This white paper takes a deeper look at closed-loop validation, the third and final aspect of Intelligent Performance.

Machine Digital Prototype with Cloud-Based Technology

Closed-loop validation helps machine builders move seamlessly through the design, commissioning, and machine operation in the field and back again.

This methodology is built around the machine’s digital prototype or digital twin.

Using cloud-based technology and the digital twin, collaboration across engineering domains becomes seamless as teams work from the same centralized repository.

Those same teams can evaluate the capability and limitation of product variations all focused on the same goal of improving key design metrics.

Machine Life Cycle and Closed Loop Validation with a Digital Twin

Closed-loop validation delivers value throughout the lifetime of a machine.

By applying smart analytics to machine operational data, machine builders and operators gain valuable insights.

Machine builders can create better products as they design more flexible, more reliable products.

Operators gain a better understanding of the actual usage of their machine, so they can anticipate maintenance before it transforms into a critical downtime issue.

Optimize Machines Faster with Intelligent Performance Engineering Cloud-Based Technology

Closed-loop validation brings real-life data and environment into the design engineering environment to improve overall performance, design, and capabilities.

This helps engineers advance the next generation of machines to quickly address customer issues over the machine’s lifecycle.

Companies are increasingly under threat from competitors who may be more responsive, innovative, or economical.

It’s vital for organizations to take advantage of closed-loop validation solutions using cloud-based technology to remain competitive.