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white paper

Chemical Logistics

Digital connections and positive reactions

Reading time: 19 minutes
Digitalization opens the door to a new age for the chemical industry. It paves the way for companies in the industry from material suppliers to solution and service providers. It is the driving force behind development that creates a new level of efficiency and transparency for the industry’s sensitive supply chains.

What does it take to ensure a highly effective combination of logistics services and solutions in Chemistry 4.0? How can the complex elements of the supply chain and the associated management tasks be put into a simple formula? Which digital applications and functions can be used to optimize logistics and intralogistics in supply processes?

The time to take advantage of the opportunities and possibilities of digitalization has never been more favorable. IT instruments such as the Digital Twin create a new quality of planning security. Cloud-based IT platforms enable fast and easy networking. Control Towers provide the optimal overview. Comprehensive software and consulting services provide answers to every application.

Our white paper shows you a wide range of possibilities that arise from the combination of efficient logistics and modern IT in the chemical industry.